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Ten Reasons Single Mommyhood Rocks

In Family on January 7, 2013 at 6:38 am


Growing up as a little girl I often dreamed about meeting Mr. Right, falling madly in love, getting married, and living happily ever after with hubby, our two and a half kids, and our white picket fence. Somewhere along the way this dream was definitely misinterpreted and… I fell madly in love with Mr. Wrong, got married, got a restraining order, got divorced, and ran fast in the opposite direction toward a shelter with my only child. In short this is not the reality I once envisioned as a little girl. Therefore every once in awhile I find myself in a mommy funk, and I need a little reminder that single mommyhood rocks!

Below I have created a top ten list to remind myself, and other single parents the benefits of parenting alone.

1) You and you alone have the power to make all the decisions in your household.

2) You play both parental roles, therefore you officially get to celebrate two holidays in your honor… Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

3) Your answer is the final answer in your household.

4) Assuming you’re an amazing parent you get to soak up all the love and affection that pours out of your little one.

5) You get to raise your child as you please.

6) You are the one that will be there for each of your child’s firsts… Example: First day of school, followed by his or her reaction.

7) You get to introduce your child to your fashion sense and interests.

8) You get to snuggle up with your little one every night if you please and watch a movie together.

9) You awake most mornings to a little arm around you, followed by a little voice saying, “I love you mommy (or daddy).”

10) You are the one that your child will most likely run to when he or she is in need of loving arms!

Just a little reminder to all you single mommies or daddies out there… “It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it.”

Please help support single parents in the blogosphere by adding an additional reason why single parenting ROCKS! Let’s see how many reasons we can list as a collective group.

  1. My favorite part of being a single mom is all of the above- plus I don’t have to share him! I get him to myself for all holidays and special occasions. When he grows up to be an amazing person I get to take all the credit 😉

  2. I am not a single parent but I agree fully with what you say here. I respect single parents because they take on so much and yet people do not understand what they go through!

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  4. This is a great list!

  5. Sorry you met Mr Wrong. I met Mrs Wrong and it wasn’t you. BTW daddyhood also rocks.

  6. I have tagged you as The Next Best Thing, and to see what that means, check out

  7. Right on, girlfriend. I concur.

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  9. I reblogged this on my blog. I love it.

  10. Great post! 🙂

    (PS thank you so much for visiting and following my blog!)

  11. This was very inspirational. I am not a single mom. I only have a son-dog. And, I never thought I would be single and childless at my age. So, you’ve inspired me to make my own list of reminders as to why my life rocks. We always have to remember to appreciate our blessings. I live a blessed life, even if it is not the one I thought I would have when I was younger. Thanks for reminding me to see my life for the gift that it is.

  12. 11) Older kids actually look to you for guidance. Since I’m the only one, I’ve escaped that “Stupid Mom” stage. Awesome!

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  14. I love being a single mom to 3 sons because it shows them that one tiny woman can accomplish a great many things. I believe that being an example is the best way to teach them.

  15. My suggestion or comment is not so much an item to add to the list but a cool thing that had not been so in the past. More Men/Women are openly accepting and emotionally involved with single parents; even if they are single without kids themselves. I personally believe a Single Mother is Sexier because she works that much harder and accomplishes that much more. That’s the type of woman any man would be proud to call his own!

  16. The really amazing thing about children is you don’t have to be an amazing parent for your kids to love you. It’s a little sad too because sometimes people are not too good to their children. So here’s to admitting when you’re wrong and apologizing. You’re only one parent so be one that your kid will trust to do the right thing, and if you’re human and screw up, admit it.

  17. I have done it both ways, and I have to tell you- sharing a child with someone after raising one alone for many years is HARD. There are, of course, great things about it, too…but, having been a single mom for 13 years before I had my second baby, I was stunned when I told the father of our child what I was naming her, and he said “No.”. I was like, say what? He is a pretty good dad, but our parenting methods are vastly different (as in, I have one, he does not), so I have wound up in the strange and not so awesome role of the “bad cop”. Mainly because I insist upon silly things like bed time, oral hygiene, and no M&M’s for breakfast (I am not making this stuff up). The best part is, she clearly likes him better than me, when before, there was no one else BUT me, for daughter number one. I know that it is probably better for the little one to have two parents, but boy, do I miss being the best thing ever to my kid! So enjoy all that adoration, especially since you work your tail off as a single mommy- and especially because eventually they become teenagers who will loathe you no matter what kind of life you have given them. Loved your post!

  18. I was raised by a single mother, and I think she did a great job on her own. Kudos to you, and to all the other single mommies out there. You get twice the love!

  19. I always say sometimes single parents have it a little easier than us married ones. No one to fight with and no one to rely on NOT to help you. ROCK ON SISTER xxx

  20. You have a baby to love! What an amazing part of being a single mommy! You are now forever never alone! Enjoy your gift of joy! I love all your reasons to be a single mommy. Sometimes things dont work the way we dream. My ex-husband was abusive. He told me if I ever left him he would make sure I never got my daughter. He loved our daughter but was abusive to me. I almost died with cancer and got sick of the abuse. A few years following cancer I left to another state to live with family. He told me I couldnt take her without a court order and if I let her finish school there he would let me have her for the next school year. I foolishly signed the divorce papers saying he had custody. He told me he would change it back. He lied and has full custody of my daughter. I homeschooled my daughter and stayed home with her until I was diagnosed with cancer. She was my world. What I have come to understand is she was never mine to keep. She always belonged to God and she is mine to love. He watches over her and I pray. It is better to have a child and loved than to never have loved a child at all. Be blessed because you have your baby to love!

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  22. While my friends went through the teenage ‘scorn-your-parents’ phase, I could never imagine saying something bad to or about my single-dad. As a single parent, I think you’re less likely to encounter the seemingly inevitable sass from your kids… when we only have one, we realize just how important you are! This is a great post. 🙂

  23. single parenting obviously is not a very easy role. Though i haven’t experience it but I can relate how my wife raise our 4 kids by herself – i am not home most of the time in a year

  24. I’ve got two additions to your list:
    You find out your capacity for love is infinite!
    Your kids respect you for doing it by yourself, and even making mistakes, rather than making both of you suffer by staying with Mr Wrong (I know my sister’s son does).

  25. I’m a first time Dad and with my gorgeous wife we have a wonderful little girl. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it?

    Well, it’s tough! And through all the times I’m being bloody grumpy, or get told what to do or how my life is now to be lived, I give a thought for single parents.

    I don’t know what it’s like for you – but I have huge respect and wish you all the happiness you deserve.

    Thank you for writing so openly 🙂

  26. All mommy’s are Rock! I second opinion on that! Love this article 🙂

  27. What a cool list. I love the mothers day and fathers day benefit!

  28. The best thing about being a single parent for me (my ex-husband and I share custody, and get along fine) is that my kids get to have a much happier version of me than they did when I was in a relationship that made me sad, frustrated and lonely. A happier me is a much better mom and for that I’m forever grateful!

  29. This is beautiful! I love how your hopeful and optomistic. Thats a great trait to pass to the little one.

  30. Thank you for this! My brother and I were raised single handily by my recently late mother so I very much can relate to superwomen who do not wear capes! You rock so keep rocking on! Thanks also for the follow.

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