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An Old Playlist Recorded Each Moment

In Self Help on December 22, 2012 at 5:32 am


You know that moment when that special song comes on the radio and your eyes light up, you turn the music up a little louder, and you enjoy as it takes you to that magical place in time. Suddenly your walking on air as countless memories flood your system. You know the lyrics by heart, and you are singing at the top of your lungs as if you were the only person in the room. If you’re driving along in your car your fingers begin tapping, and you may even start moving your head to the beat. Although if you’re out of the car you are rocking. You have a big smile, and are carelessly dancing around the room. You are happy!

Unfortunately life doesn’t always paint a pretty picture, and sometimes you are reminded of heartbreaking moments. You may want to crawl in bed and pull the covers up over your head. An endless stream of tears may run down your face, and you may choose to cry yourself to sleep that night. If you’re in the car you may choose to change the radio station. In a flash music can trigger an unwanted reaction that you may not be ready for.

When you spend X amount of time with a significant other you typically walk away from the relationship with a handful of songs that have some memory tied to them. Unfortunately even if they were happy memories at the time they may now have a sour feeling attached to them.

My Ex and I have a special song that we called “our” song. We have a song that was playing the moment he asked to marry me. We have songs that were played at our wedding, and others we use to dance to home alone in our family room. We have special playlists we made together, and one specifically for our wedding. His favorite band is glued to my memory bank… as well as a popular movie score artist. Sadly we even have a make up song, and it pulls at my heart-strings every time I quietly listen to the lyrics. Each of these songs trigger a painful story buried deep beneath the surface. We shared a life together, and a playlist that recorded each moment we spent with one another.

A few years have passed, and I am slowly moving on. Many things have helped me through this emotionally draining process. I strongly believe that you should surround yourself with positive energy to create the perfect atmosphere for healing. Exercise to release endorphins, increase energy, elevate your mood, and boost your self-confidence with a fabulous new you. I highly recommend reading in the form of self-help books. Support groups are an excellent source of free therapy and support. In addition they offer a safe place to vent your frustrations with possible needed advice. If you are not interested in pouring your heart out to a group of complete strangers I recommend seeing just one, a therapist. Maintaining balance within your life during these trying times can be very beneficial. For example: work hard, play hard! Small realistic goals can help build a positive self-image, and provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Physical contact in the form of massages and hugs are always a good thing! Finally I believe that giving back is a big bold neon sign that screams your on the road to recovery. Please keep in mind that healing is a process. It takes time and a little bit of work on your part. Although it is well worth the effort when you find the amazing new you still able to enjoy the old playlists.

Please SHARE one sentimental song good or bad that holds some form of value in your heart! Then let’s join forces, and create a new playlist with a positive twist… What song would you put on your happy inspirational playlist, and why?

  1. Ray la montagne, you are the best thing! Amazing song!

  2. I would put on my inspirational song list “its hard to say goodbye” by Michael Ortega.. It might seem a little sad at first though to me it is just life, if that makes sense? Like its not over the top, its like a poem and is peaceful..

    I don’t know whether you take part in blog awards on wordpress.. Though I nominated you for one 🙂


  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog…my inspirational song would be Something Inside by Labi Siffre. Recently heard this sung by my son’s school choir and I wept like a baby…good tears…it reminds me of the indomitability of the human spirit….look forward to hearing more about your indomitable spirit…peace FatW

  4. The visceral connection between music and emotion always seems to catch me by surprise. The melancholy yes but also the joyful memories. That is why music can be so healing.

  5. Incredible blog following! This is so hard to pick, but now that my husband and I have been married a few months, the song I walk down the aisle too is sort of stuck on me: “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri 🙂 Thanks for following! In case you missed it, I thanked you as one of my followers in my last post:

  6. Something really goofy by Stevie Nicks like Warm Ways or Evergreen from a star is born.

  7. I love The Middle by Jimmy Eat World.
    Always makes me roll down the windows and sing at the top of my lungs.

  8. My sentimental song would be ‘3AM’ by Matchbox 20. It holds a lot of memories for me that flow across the whole spectrum of feelings. As for my inspirational playlist…I don’t think you can beat ‘Brand New Day’ by Joshua Radin…

  9. The Moon and Back by Savage Garden. It’s the one that brought all of those emotions back after nearly 13 years. That’s the one I wrote about in I know how you feel and think that people who can still feel the pain do need a release. Thank for all you do!

  10. Adele’s version of “To Make You Feel My Love” and Paramore’s “The Only Exception.” On a more inspirational note, I really like anything by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

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  12. something UPBEAT by UB40! rat in the kitchen? um, no … sing our own song? (yeah), and play the album “promises & lies” — you’ll get NEW memories and associations (if yer not already a raggay fan)

  13. For me, “The Wood Song” by the Indigo Girls is a great sentimental song – regardless of mood.

    Then there is “Your Smiling Face” by James Taylor: which always makes me smile and want to dance around the room whenever I hear it played.

  14. Yes…and no. To make a long story short, one day the songs will be all yours again. It just takes time love.

    Each one is a love story and a memory and a stolen moment from right here right now. Mine are here…

    …and well, everywhere, but mostly in the 80’s. 😉

    Love following you,

  15. I love that you connect so emotionally to music, because I am the same! Every song recalls a moment or sometimes a number of different moments in time, and yes – some of them are painful. In my estimation, a little heartbreak is desirable, because without it, I wouldn’t be sure I have a heart.
    This current tune is one that was playing a ton when I left my marriage – but its meaning has evolved from one of pain into one of healing, of honesty. My Ex and I are still great friends, and we agree that this is kind of our “breakup song.” Humor heals all wounds 🙂

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  17. My mom passed away when I was 16 and a song that reminds me of her is the old gospel song “I’ll fly away”. While I haven’t really lived without her for very long and many of my memories of her are still raw, that song has always reminded me of so many good times with her. I’m actually getting a new tattoo of the words “I’ll fly away” and her dates around one of her favorite creatures: the monarch butterfly ❤

  18. Pitch black morning, I left my cabin at 4:30 am. The salty air smelled like home to this daughter of a sea captain who’d never herself gone to sea. Too excited from my first sea cruise, I padded barefoot out to the bow of the 4-masted schooner. I settled onto a wooden box a-fixed to the deck in front of the ship’s old-fashioned main wheel. The only other person out was the helmsman, steering the Legacy through the Caribbean waves. The bow rose and fell in uncertain yet soothing rhythm. Overhead stretched an umbrella of back-lit navy blue pierced by stars.

    Silence without. A song from old within:
    “Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy hands have made. I see the stars. I hear the rolling thunder. Thy power throughout the universe displayed… Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee: ‘How great Thou art, how great Thou art!'”
    This old hymn rises unbidden whenever nature’s grandeur requires an anthem.

    Even now, when dark songs haunt bad times, I turn to other melodies and lyrics from my past to lift me through them. How powerful are these monuments to events in the past.

    Great topic — thank you!

  19. I express my emotions too with songs. Every bit of my life’s journey is well documented and represented by songs. Old or new, at times I just realise from a random play, “ooppsss…wait…. what’s the title of the song?who sang…. and the search begins… at times too, it just pops out in my head that, that song best describe this or that….How weird, but true. My timeless song … Have I Told You Lately (that I love you) by Rod Stewart. That is one of the three theme songs, that my husband and I have been sharing for 18 years and compiled in a playlist. The compilation keeps on growing as I came to love a new song or even old/re-make. The latest song I so love – “A Thousand Years” from the movie Twilight. I also have theme songs or playlist for my kids! Weird again but true. I connect through it, just like the internet 🙂

  20. Wild Thing” by the Troggs

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