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Prego Project is a voicing violence award to provide support and strength to victims of domestic violence and those affected by it. I want to recognize those willing to speak up and discuss personal stories of domestic violence accounts. In an abusive relationship there is often a lot of crazy making, and over time you tend to feel that your voice means very little to the world around you. Sadly there are two things that showered me with a bit of sunshine, and helped me regain my voice… or actually make me feel validated. I say sadly because one was receiving my restraining order against my ex-husband. The second was receiving a certificate stamped and signed by the California State Secretary recognizing my situation and accepting me into the Safe at Home program. For those of you who are not aware the Safe at Home program, is “an address confidentiality program administered by the California Secretary of State’s office that offers victims anonymity and a new start towards a brighter future free from fear. Safe at Home participants can use a free P.O. Box instead of their home address to help them maintain their privacy when receiving first-class mail, opening a bank account, completing a confidential name change, filling out government documents, registering to vote, getting a driver’s license, enrolling a child in school, and more.”

That being said… The purpose of this award is to provide positive feedback and recognition to individuals affected by domestic violence. I want people to understand that their voice matters. Domestic violence is an issue effecting individuals and our community. Every time someone chooses to speak up they are not only helping themselves, but they are also improving the lives of our community. As a community we can incorporate domestic violence education into our regular curriculum within the schooling system… If it is not already in place. We can do ongoing presentations providing awareness on the subject matter. We can ban together to enforce stricter laws in regards to this topic. For example: The victim can’t bail their abuser out of jail. Unfortunately many are guilty of this one, including myself. We could sell products, and have a portion of the proceeds benefit those affected by domestic violence. Together we can make a change for a brighter future!

You know the old saying “A photograph is worth a thousand words?” I tried to put the same thought and consideration into designing my award. I used various shades of purple to symbolize domestic violence awareness. I placed a key within the person because I believe you hold the key to your future. The heart is purposely placed within the key as a symbol of protection and value. Together these symbols create the Prego Project Award. A treasured symbol which will be handed out to strong, beautiful men and women who choose to share their stories of abuse. There is strength in numbers, a sense of support in community, and comfort in knowing that there is hope for the future… remember you hold the key!!


1. Kindly thank the person who nominated you, and provide a link back to their blog.
2. Attach the Prego Project Award presented by Prego and the Loon to your site.
3. Provide a bit of hope and inspiration for those currently dealing with domestic violence.
4. Nominate some other bloggers whom you feel deserve this award!


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(The top 20 listed below have shared personal stories of strength and hope within my blog… A BIG thanks!!)
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Please note that I recently changed a small portion of the award. I am no longer calling it the Victims Voice Award, but rather a voicing violence award. I made these changes because many people from various walks of life wrote to me and expressed how domestic violence impacted their lives. The men and women I have choosen to be my first nominees for the Prego Project Award reached out to me in some form and touched my heart. Victims, family members, friends, doctors, nurses, policemen, prosecutors, and even an abuser wrote to me. Please keep in mind that all of your stories have somehow impacted me, and I will continue to pass out more awards. A big thank you to all my friends and followers who took the time to read my blog!! You have provided me (and my followers) with strength, support, and hope for the future by sharing your personal stories!! Everyone has something to share, and somewhere out there someone needs to hear it. Join the fight against domestic violence, and speak out on behalf of the millions who are currently silenced in the clutches of their abuser!!

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    Got my backing all the way. Violence perpetrated on those that are supposedly the ones the abuser loves the most needs to be stopped.

  2. A wonderful initiative! This is an award that is meaningful and adds something positive back to the community. Love the award badge. You have really put a lot of thought into this. Jen

  3. Beautiful award to beautiful, inspirational people.

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination. You’ve really touched me. Although I don’t blog about my past abuse, it’s shaped me into who I am now. I spoke about this in a recent post called Everyone Has A Story ( I wish you all the best. Thanks again.

  5. I honestly never expected this, Thank you for the nomination.

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  8. Thank you do much! That is very kind!

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    Glad to have helped in some way or another. Thank you!

  10. Empowering!

  11. Reblogged this on Josh James' Blog and commented:
    I want to share this for all those who have been a victim and I want you to know you have a voice and NO ONE deserves to be abused! There are people here to help or give support!

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    I was surprised and honored by this award presented me by another blogger I’ve chatted with. Her horrific at times and evocative words forced me to offer up what little experience I myself have on domestic violence as tidbits of wisdom that hope can cling to. Though it’s not something I typically would post to zcreed, I wanted to share her story with others.

  13. Reblogged and thank you again for the honor!

  14. Bless you sweetheart for nominating me for this award. You are very special and do not ever forget that. I will be blogging about your site on my blog and how you have touched me. Alesia

  15. wow… thank you for awarding me! I wasn’t even aware that I had some sort if impact to you. that just makes me happy. thank you again ❤

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    Today as I finish my evening on 12/12/12–I am blessed to find out I was nominated for my first blogger award. I am humbled and thank you so much. Alesia

  17. This is a perfect opportunity for me to locate other blogs that I’m positive I’ll find interesting and informative. You are indeed a true advocate.

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    I think this is a great idea and could help many people. Please take a look

  19. Wow! My first blogger award, I am humbled as well. Thank you very much, and keep being an inspiration to the masses. May we all become one LOUD voice against domestic violence.



  20. What an honor to be nominated, thank you. I think this is a wonderful project, and what an amazing thing to do. You’ve been through so much and, through sadcircumstances, have amassed knowledge that you use to help others. Many wouldn’t. Your determination to rise above the ‘victim’ and become empowered and empowering is just one of the valuable things you bbring to other women…and men too, I’m sure. It’s the fear of being seen as weak or implicit that keeps people quiet … your voice is loud and that gives strength to others. And makes you an awesome Mama too!
    Thank you so much … you’ve made my day 🙂
    Keep up the good work and remember, if you did ever need to lay low, you have a friend in the Wilds where you’ll be safe, fed and talked to death 🙂

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    As some of you know, I work as a Deputy District Attorney. I spent 18 months working in the Domestic Violence Unit prosecuting crimes of Domestic Violence. It was one of the most challenging and emotionally charged times in my career so far, but I was also passionate about it. Eventually, I asked to transfer out of the unit in order to focus on myself and my family. I had a hard time leaving the files i.e. the victims, on my desk when I left for the night. I had trouble sleeping at night and being present “in the moment” when I was at home. With three young children I had to make that choice. It has been a good one for me and my family but it hasn’t taken away my passion for eradicating Domestic Violence and working to protect the women, children and men that it effects. Prego and the Loon is an amazing blog. Read it, it may really open your eyes. I would like to thank Prego and the Loon for nominating me for the Prego Project Award. I am honored.

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  24. I’ve just caught up on all your posts. I must admit that I find you to be a very inspiring and strong person. Keep your head up and keep on tackling life’s curveballs. If the saying “it gets worse before it gets better” holds true, then you have a whole lot of positive experiences coming your way. Keeping you in my thoughts.

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    Please read and re blog, tweet, share this.

  26. Thanks for the nomination, I never knew it meant so much for me to share this, so many people I know (myself included) have lived through this. YOU are the inspiration, YOU deserve this award- stay stong mama you are giving your children the best gift ever. A home without violence. Peace, joy and may this Christmas be merry beyond the hurt of last year.

  27. Thank you for this, I’m really blown away.

  28. A great initiative. Good for you to provide a forum for people.

  29. This is a great and worthwhile award, congratulations. ~Jess

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  31. Create a strong support system, learn all you can, have courage and take care of yourself and your child! I wish you the best.

    Thanks for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

  32. Very cool. I admire that you and others have given voice to this important topic in the blogosphere.

  33. TYVM for nominating me…I enjoyed getting some stuff off my chest. I am glad a few things I said made you feel good. That is wonderful!

  34. […] dear thanks go out to Prego and the Loon for nominating me for her Prego Project – Voicing Violence […]

  35. It is wonderful that you are providing a forum to empower victims of the type of abuse that can leave them feeling powerless.

  36. […] am absolutely honoured to have been one of the original recipients of Prego and the Loon‘s Voicing Violence Award.  It may not seem as such, since it has taken me so long to […]

  37. Such a lovely idea. I think the state of California has a great program for domestic violence victims. I don’t think my state is that up to date. They think a simple order of protection is going to protect you. And, sadly there are people that do abuse that because unless your willing to get an attorney to fight it which can be costly because our courts only see them 2 times a week and so many are filed it can be a waiting game. People get so childish to file fake orders of protection against people (I’ve been a victim of that with an ex). His claims were outlandish and even the officer that had to serve me was reading over the accusations was getting tickled because of how crazy the assumptions were. I was innocent he was the one that was stalking me and mad because I wanted nothing to do with him. If this order had of went thru I could’ve lost my right to keep a conciled carry permit (which I was saving money for the class at the time) I could’ve even lost my right to buy guns. But, it was thrown out. But, now there are people who need them there only good for 3 years. We have no such thing as a restraining order in the state of tn only order of protections and you can only get them against family, spouses, and someone you have lived with. So if your being abused or threatened by someone you’ve dated and never lived with there’s nothing they will do. We have a domestic violence shelter but, as far as I know that’s it. Our legal system here doesn’t seem to take domestic violence serious. I’ve dealt with it first hand. Lucky for me as small as I am I’m still able to defend myself or I know of at least once I could’ve been killed. But, since no one seen the fight so it was his words against mine. And whoever wanted to file could’ve. I wouldn’t of picked a fight with anyone let alone someone who could’ve easily hurt me. I finally got rid of him and then the harassing stalking stuff started with promises it wouldn’t be like that he was gonna get help so on. I knew better but, it was to the point he was coming and knocking on my door daily. My apartments were about to kick me out if I had the cops there one more time even though I was the one calling them. He would set outside my door for hours basically keep my hostage in my own home. I finally talked to a officer over the phone that gave me great advice on what to do and I was able to file harassment warrant. Now that’s a petty charge really but, it bought me some peace until I could file an order of protection. But, that paper didnt stop him after jail. Luckly he ended up violating probation enough they kept him for awhile and he moved on. My state doesn’t do enough to protect the victims. And living here I see just as many men in abusive relationships and they get laughed at attempting to pursue it most the time. Its sad my state really needs to catch up with a lot of things. If you ever have an idea of something to make and sale to donate portions to victims that need help I will be more then willing to help. I am an artist of sorts (if that’s what you wanna call me lol) and can make quiet a few different items. I’m not rich so it would be if I can afford to purchase material but I would be willing to make something to help someone out that needs it to get them away from this type of situation.

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    Such a touching story.

  39. Thank you so much for nominating me!

  40. You have touched a lot of people with your blog. You have a lot of wisdom, and I wish you well as you work to make the world a better place. I just stopped by to say thanks for visiting my blog, and found so much more than I would have expected. I’ll be following your blog (but not stalking it!!!) Thanks for sharing. Marsha 🙂

  41. Thank you for visiting my blog, and thank you for sharing.

  42. Thank you for the encouragement you give by your honesty and your information. And, truly, I am humbled for your mention in your blog. BTW, how do I attach an award to my blog?

    • To attach an award (or picture)… I drag and drop it onto my desktop, then I create a new post, click add media, upload files, check the box you wish to attach, and finally click insert into post. Your ongoing support and interaction brightens my day… THANKS!

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